19 julio, 2017

Newsletter 204

Love manifests in 3 varieties: Disinterested (Samartha): It is the highest kind in which the “amateur” seeks only the well-being of the “beloved”, regardless of the […]
25 agosto, 2016

Newsletter Edition 199

Savasana is the most important moment of Yoga Practice and one of the most difficult postures to some people because it means letting go completely. At […]
27 julio, 2016

Newsletter Edition 198

July 2016 “Through yoga you can achieve a complete harmony between body and mind” “When you’re depressed, mind wreaks havoc on your moods, superyogui in your […]
2 julio, 2016

Newsletter Edition 197

June 2016 Welcome to this  newsletter, we hope you enjoy it and share it with your friends. Dear Yoga INbound newsletter readers It is a joy to […]