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21 marzo, 2016
Boletín Yoga Inbound Edición 195
5 abril, 2016

Newsletter Edition 195

Dear Friends,
Greetings from Medellin, Colombia
Today I would like to remind you of the GREAT INBOUND JOURNEY, and how it allows you to access greater and higher states of consciousness, this means that you must prepared for good-bye and start a new life.
Prepare yourselves to leave all negative feelings behind, those that will not let you be happy or make others happy.


Disease prevention and physical-mental rejuvenation is achieved by controlling and tranquilizing the mind and
senses.  Anxiety and anger are two kinds of mental pollution that originate most diseases.
Therefore we recommend:
* Having noble thoughts and doing good deeds, as well as being compassionate to all beings.
* Always tell the truth and avoid pointless conversations.
* Eliminate thoughts of hatred and resentment and cultivate friendship.
* Carefully fulfill the duties and obligations without deeply concerning the expected results.
* Maintain mental balance both during times of success and failure, and in joy or in sorrow.
* Cultivate patience, forgiveness, respect and appreciation for others.
A person´s day to day life is full of obligations and problems that regardless of how small they are, they keep
accumulating within our body. All these things slowly wear out our energy until the very end of it, and we end up having great deals of stress.
A relaxing massage balances our chakras, relaxes our body and mind, and restores all the lost energy.



Children also need massages.

After a massage, children release the accumulated tension during the day, both physical and emotional.
It is demonstrated: children who have massages grow up feeling very loved and develop more self-confidence.

A healthy body is a reflection of a healthy mind. Both are inseparable.

You are what you think. You create your own reality and you are responsible of your own actions. Why be tied to
negative thoughts that can keep you unbalanced and unhealthy? If you are ill, or if your life does not work out as
you planned, find out why and regain control of your life.
Often times, you limit yourself to blame others for your misfortune. This way of thinking reveals your confusion. It
is within your reach to reconvert this negative thinking into a positive one. Allow the change to be slow and
smooth. Be aware of your thoughts, and the many obstacles that your mind has created, will gradually cease to
Your life will become joyous and will have a greater meaning and purpose.
When the mind is constantly bombarded with stimuli, it gets overloaded and ends up being exhausted. We may
not realize what we are doing, but by thinking and getting worried we are wasting large amounts of energy.
All the tension concerns caused to the mind, whether real or imagined, can consume even more energy than
physical labor. Thus, it is important to spend a little time every day relaxing your mind and recovering your
Whenever you experience mental stress, try to breathe slowly and rhythmically for a few minutes, concentrating
on your own breathing. Yoga breathing exercises will develop the ability to calm your mind using the power of
your own thoughts, which will take you to experience inner peace.


Do not be passive observers of the world´s destruction, let´s develop godliness to all creation, let´s cultivate
spiritual awareness, and let´s propose from now on …

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