5 mayo, 2016
Boletín Yoga Inbound Edición 196
5 mayo, 2016

Newsletter Edition 196

A perfect combination of yoga, food and daily attitude lead us toward a goal: “happiness”.
Sanskrit name: Utkatasana (the chair)
Utkata: Powerful, fierce.
Asana: Posture.
Benefits: Strengthens the ankles, calves, thighs and spine. Elongates the shoulders and chest. It stimulates the abdominal organs, diaphragm and heart.
Therapeutic benefits: Good posture to reduce the tendency to flat feet.
Contraindications: If you suffer from headaches and insomnia you should avoid this posture for long periods of time or just before bedtime.
Sanskrit name: Navasana (the boat)
Nava: Barca.
Asana: Posture.
Benefits: Strengthens the abdomen, hip flexors and spine. It stimulates the kidneys, intestines, thyroid gland and prostate. Improves digestion.
Contraindications: Firstly, avoid this posture during pregnancy. If we are suffering from stomach problems such as diarrhea or if we are having severe pain during menstruation; this posture in which we exercise force in the lower abdomen is not recommended because it can aggravate the symptoms. If we have a neck or nape injury, we will help ourselves by keeping our hands or forearms on the floor behind us so that the shoulders and neck can relax and not maintain tension.
Yoga has a lot to do with our mind, because not only do we gain flexibility or do certain difficult postures, but it can also help us to release stress, release anxiety and help us become much happier.
1. Reduces stress
As time goes by, we get more and more stressed. Over time, with the need to do everything faster because the hours pass at the speed of light, with impossible goals, and tight schedules … All this, in the end, gets us more stressed out.
This practice will allow us to reduce stress and control it, so that it does not affect us because, believe it or not, stress sometimes paralyzes us or limits us. Being stressed will never be beneficial to us.
2. Improves sleep
Stress is closely linked with lack of sleep or poor sleep. There are many people who have trouble getting restful sleep, something they try to overcome in the best way or with pills.
The exercise itself allows you to de-stress and feel much more relaxed. As a result, you will sleep much better. Through the practice of yoga you will increase your production of melatonin.
3. You will be happier!
Why are people who exercise happier? Can yoga help you improve your mood? It is impossible to be always cheerful and in a good mood; However, yoga can help us achieve a state of tranquility and harmony most of the time.
Yoga will increase serotonin levels, this so important hormone, is the number one responsible for letting us feel happy. If you are unhappy and do not know why, what if you start trying this practice?


In life we are constantly facing decisions, it is in those moments when we should silence our dazed mind and let that voice that resonates within ourselves guide us … Each one of us knows the right path, that path that will take us directly to that place we long for.
Let´s awaken the wise that exists in our inner self  and begin to decide with Consciousness.
Traducción: M. Prema Dhama – Barranquilla Colombia –

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