June 2016
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Dear Yoga INbound newsletter readers It is a joy to share the recommendations of our planet´s oldest holistic science.
Yoga Inbound is union with the supreme.
Yoga inbound is a way to live better. Healthy life-healthy food.
Inbound Yoga is your connection to very dedicated and skilled people. Of course, in the path of yoga you must be prepared to find many tests and many people struggling to overcome their mistakes. Tolerance is an additional gift we receive by partnering with others on the road.
Let us be nice even in times of ordeal and we will move forward ahead .Union in the heart with realized souls is the goal of Inbound Yoga.
With great affection for all our Yoga Inbound readers.


This is a very old and useful concentration technique.

Direct your mental attention to your frown and try to keep it there as firmly as possible. Whenever the mind leaves and you realize, grab it and lead it back to the pointed area.
Ahimsa in the practice of yoga means expressing that love to yourself. Create love and affection for your body and appreciate everything it can do for you. Let love fill every cell of your body. And from that deep state of love, practice. And thus, you will not hurt yourself anymore, and you will not do more than what you can do today.
Connect with your body filling it with love and compassion and do each posture as far as you feel is best for you today. And all this shall be combined with Satya, truth.
Sometimes we deceive ourselves and say we can´t do more or want to go further in a time in which is physically better to stay a little earlier in time. Then practice also becomes a process of self-awareness, acceptance and love.
Bring up the inner warrior who overcomes obstacles.


Virabhadrasana II

Meditation: Bring up the inner warrior who overcomes obstacles that keep you from smiling before all the love you receive from heaven, covered by the illusory shadows of problems and difficult times.
• Stretch the calf muscles.
• Strengthens the legs.
• Straightens your spine.
• Improves
• Soothes and corrects your posture if you have been sitting on a chair for a long time.


 Pran Mudra

Sit with your back straight (Sukhasana). Place your hands on your knees and press with your thumbs your ring and pinky finger. Keep the other fingers extended. Close your eyes and focus them just right in the middle of your eyebrows or on the tip of the nose.
Breathe slowly. Begin Inspiration relaxing the abdomen area and then expanding it to the ribcage.
Start Exhalation relaxing the chest wall and finish it by gently reaping your abdomen.Practice it at least 5 minutes and ideally up to half an hour.
This active variant of Pran mudra will help the two brain hemispheres to act jointly, have activity and help each other.
If you practice often, you will gradually feel your feminine and masculine sides work more concurrently. Thus, you get a broader and more complete perception of reality.
Traducción: M. Prema Dhama – Barranquilla Colombia –

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