Boletín Yoga Inbound Edición 199
18 agosto, 2016
Yoga para combatir la ansiedad
29 agosto, 2016

Newsletter Edition 199

Savasana is the most important moment of Yoga Practice and one of the most difficult postures to some people because it means letting go completely. At the beginning it may seem just like a little nap at the end of the class but in this posture, the goal is to imitate the shape of a corpse and remain completely still in a conscious relaxation.


Savasana is the moment in which we absorb all the benefits of the practice.

Physically, those five minutes that you spend lying on your back with the palm of your hands pointing to the sky; help the body relax completely reducing fatigue after an hour of class trying to gain strength and flexibility.

Mentally, it helps calm the nervous system, bringing your thoughts into a state of calm and balance.

Savasana generates health.

In accordance to some research; the calming effect of this posture helps relieve stress, depression and even regulate insomnia. It increases our energy levels, it helps to eliminate annoying headaches and also, it lowers blood pressure. With all these benefits, who wants to stop practicing this position?

 Savasana generates a state of meditation.

When we get carried away by this position, our mind enters into a meditative state because our brain activity is minimized and we have deeper breathing. It helps us to learn how to surrender completely and to have trust.

This posture helps to give ourselves away completely, to stop fighting ourselves and it creates a space to be filled with peace and harmony. It’s like turning off the computer and once we turn on the computer again, it just works with more functionality. ¡Enjoy being able to reset yourself every day!





The “Eagle posture” asana is a balance that also stretches and relaxes the joints of arms and legs. It relieves shoulder tension when opening the upper back; it stretches the hips and thighs; it strengthens the legs. It is one of the best positions to relieve leg cramps and sciatic nerve pain. Moreover, since maintaining balance requires great concentration, it helps to focus and calm the mind. It has great therapeutic value for people suffering from asthma or back pain.

The name comes from Garuda posture: King of birds and powerful opponent of evil that leads to Vishnu, the “Preserver” and his consort Lakshmi, flying through the universe.


Visualize everything positively

Indulging negativity is easy, but is also detrimental to mental health because it takes away our energy and it blocks our ability in the decision making.

Visualizations of positive images or images that give us determination are an ideal tool to counteract stress and blockages.

Think, for example, of a place that you find pleasant, in the laughter of your children or your friends…

Focus on the Here and Now.

Happiness lies not in the morning, but in the here and now, in the present moment. Cultivating the ability to focus on the present allows more enjoyable things. Living the present moment, as experts in psychology advice, without being drawn into the rush, allows us to leverage better opportunities.

Avoid opinions that might upset you.

Are you the kind of person who needs to be liked by everyone? Logically it is impossible, as a matter of empathy and incompatibility, being liked by everyone around us is impossible. If we cling to what others think of us, we will end up undermining our personality. The premise is to feel good about oneself and from there, it will be easier to please others.


Bell Peppers

Properties you shouldn´t miss.

More vitamin C than citrus fruit.


When it comes to strengthening the immune system, vitamin C is the star. This powerful antioxidant helps prevent cancer, improve wound healing and promotes the absorption and storage of iron in our system.

Vitamin C is essential to delay aging and fight heart disease. Bell peppers, especially red, have twice the vitamin C than oranges, to take advantage of these benefits, you should eat them raw. A good idea is to incorporate them into salads.

To lose weight

Bell peppers are low in calories: only 20 calories per 100 grams and have little fat, and also their high fiber content produces satiety and fights constipation. They are rich in water.

Natural diuretics

Their high potassium content makes bell peppers an excellent diuretic. Therefore, it is perfect to combat fluid retention and cleanse the body.



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