Basic luggage for the search of our true self”
He who is able to separate the senses from the objects of the senses, just as torture keeps the extremities within the shell, has firmly got perfect knowledge in his possession” (Bg 2-58)
Every day the world is pushing us to consumption and greater exploitation “connecting” ourselves to a dark and empty stage that makes us forget our true happiness.
Inbound Yoga reveals an ideal journey, it rescues us to live the real experience into our being, in which we will need a suitcase with basic tools to reach the goal; To be able to find that bond or union with love. These tools will only be given to us through the constant practice of yoga.
Krpah or mercy is our first quality to awaken on this path to a higher spiritual capacity that characterizes a true human being, which will connect us with each of the living entities that are around us relating to them with equality and compassion. Upon awakening this quality, the practitioner will naturally be born with a sincere desire not to be part of the killing and suffering of any living being and thus placing him in harmony with his environment. For this reason, the yoga practitioner is encouraged in the first instance to incorporate into his lifestyle a healthy diet free of animal suffering (vegetarianism).
Saucam or cleaning, the sense of cleanliness refers to both the internal and external aspect, there must be a real cleanness of the heart, mind, intelligence, of our home, our work and our relationships in general. Unfortunately, this tool has been lost due to the constant degradation of our values related to the serious lack of responsible sexual education, which results in selfish treatment, physical, mental, emotional and undesirable illnesses and causing suffering to our environment that seriously affects the Morals, integrity and spirituality in the life of a human being. A regulated and responsible sexual life based on the principles of yoga (The Vedas) will result in a purification of our heart and will help us to understand that the true satisfaction lies in developing a spiritual consciousness and connection with the supreme being.
Tapah or austerity, This tool is directly related to intoxication, which plunges us into a world where the mind becomes a mortal enemy; Degradation in alcohol, drugs or any other substance that minimally alters our state of consciousness, will divert us on the road to self-realization. This quality is necessary on the path to discover our true self, we must strive every day to overcome the tests that come in practice and thus to be able to continue advancing in that journey towards the search of our true happiness.
Satyam or veracity, this fourth quality, aims not only to abstain from lies, but also – and especially – is about helping the yoga student so he will find the truth in the revealed scriptures, the advice of the wise or scholars of reliable lineages and sincere practitioners who will guide you in your daily progress. The real seeker will always be connected with the truth from the heart. Television, video games, misleading advertising, etc. steal our intelligence, obstructing our ability to discern between good and evil, obscuring our conscience to such an extent that we totally lose our link with the true reality, Which is to reach the highest goal of human life that is to awaken love for God, purify the heart and create an atmosphere of peace, wisdom and brotherhood.


These four tools will be the main companions to acquire a basic human consciousness, they will be fundamental in the whole process of searching into the student’s being, helping us to overcome with determination and willpower every test that is presented to us on this beautiful journey.
Parivrtta Trikonasana
Meaning: Parivrtta (rotated in round) Trikona (Triangle).
* It is a stance of sense contrary to Utthita Trikonasana.
Preparation and alignment: 
  1. Standing in Tasadana take a deep breath and extend legs to the double width of the hips. Lift arms to the sides, in a straight line with the shoulders and the palms of the hands turned downwards.
  2. Turn your right foot 90 degrees to the right. Turn your left foot 60 degrees to the right, keeping left leg straight and knee active.
  3. Exhale and rotate the trunk of your body with the left leg in the opposite direction (to the right) until the palm of the left hand rests on the ground near the outer edge of the right foot.
  4. Straighten your right arm upwards keeping it straight with your left arm. Look at your right thumb.
  5. Keep your knees active. Do not lift your right toes off the floor. Remember to rest your left foot on the floor.
  6. Stretch your shoulders.
  7. Stay in this position for half a minute breathing normally.
  8. Exhale and raise your left hand off the ground, turn the trunk of your body to the starting position and return to posture 1.
  9. Do the posture towards the opposite side with the same indications.
  10. When returning, finish in Tasadana. This completes the posture.
This asana tones the muscles of the thighs and the Gastrocnemius. It also allows the correct work of the spine and the muscles of the back by increasing the blood supply in the lower part of the spine. The chest expands completely. The posture relieves backaches, invigorates the abdominal organs and strengthens the hip muscles.
 Author: Madhavendra Puri Das – William Torne
Inbound Yoga Instructor
Yoga Inbound School Manager – Cartagena – Colombia
Cel. (+57) 313 819 3114 / 320 74 68 457


In Yoga culture, the word “Anna” means food and “Yoga” means union. The term Anna Yoga, rather than a meaning, is an invitation to reestablish the relationship we have with our own feeding (invitation extended to us not only by the science of Yoga but also by the science of food and nutrition) and to recognize food not only for its flavor, but also for its value and when we speak of value we refer to that contribution food provides to our well-being.
I invite you to read the biweekly newsletter, where I will be sharing information on how to reestablish that link with our feeding and thus improve our Yoga practice and in general our quality of life.
For the moment I leave you with this beautiful sentence that I found when studying a little about Ayurveda (Traditional Medicine of India):
“Skin, clarity, good voice, long life, understanding, happiness, satisfaction, growth, strength and intelligence. Everything is based on food “
 Charaka Samhita
Cielo Marisol Tobón
(Annapurna Dd)
Nutritionist Dietician from Antioquia University
Instructor at the Inbound Yoga School
[email protected]

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