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1 abril, 2018
Anjali Mudra
16 abril, 2018

Newsletter 209

January 2018
Welcome to the monthly Yoga Inbound Bulletin, where you will find articles on yoga, asanas, meditation, health, ecology and much more of your interest.
We wish you a new 2018 full of happiness, for all your goals to be achieved, specially that the practice of yoga and meditation can continue to be part of your daily life.
Always at your service
Radha Charan
Medellín Colombia
Visit Nature

The best air you can breathe is found in nature. There are no cars, no industries that can pollute the air, there are plants, trees that continuously clean and reoxygenate the air, collect carbon dioxide and expel the vital element of Oxygen! Where can we find more animals, birds and insects; in the center of a city or in a forest? When you are walking through a forest; what do you feel, a lump in your throat or feel joy and longing to live? Where the air is fresh and pure, life develops with vigor and joy. If the air is polluted, life is weak and sad.

I remember a beautiful time when along with my family we spent a week in a camp site by the river banks. We had been invited to give a series of lectures. There, we could get in touch with nature and get away from the bustle of the city.
I remember that one afternoon I started observing a column of ants and one in particular caught my attention. It was just like the others, but it was carrying a bigger load on her back compared to the rest. It was a leaf 10 times larger than its body. Suddenly, it ran into a crack in the path. The ant tried to cross one way and another, but all its efforts were in vain.
Finally, the little ant did something unusual! With great skill it maneuvered the tree leaf until it was laying over the crack. In this way the ant made its own bridge, crossed it walking over the leaf, then put it back on its body and so it continued the way. That little ant was able to turn her load into a bridge to overcome her difficulty. If the ant had not had a load, it would never have crossed that crack.
Properties of some vegetables:

– Eggplants: They are light and a muscular restorative.  Useful for the relief of cough.-
– Pumpkins: Recommended for throat illnesses. Also considered as for their rejuvenint propperties.
– Zucchini: The Ayur Veda recommends it as the best vegetable for people who are ill.
– Spinach: Helps with the formation of blood. It is diuretic, good to cure bladder disorders and also to fight constipation.
Cauliflower and cabbage: these are two very nutritious vegetables, although they are a bit heavy, and in order to keep them from causing gas it is recommended to first boil them and then sprinkle them in Ghi or vegetable oil, adding pepper or cumin in small quantities. Even so, it is preferable not to eat them at night.-
– Lettuce: Removes impurities from the blood and controls bile. Its fresh juice is analgesic, useful to cure ulcers, gastritis, colitis (taking daily one or two ounces, for 3 weeks).
– Potatoes: Potato juice eliminates fat and is diuretic.

Carrots: Good source of vitamin A; but if overeaten disturb the liver and cause constipation.
– Papaya: It is very easy to digest and combines very well with rice and wheat. The Ayur Veda considers it as a rejuvenator; and is especially recommended for diabetes and arthritis
 Do not serve to vain things and nonsense, do not waste your time serving and seeking temporary things, things that will only give us temporary pleasure. Seek eternal things. Try to feed the inner thirst…do not limit your spirit, because it seeks only what is REAL, take yourself to that Supreme being…since it is the ultimate goal, our only objective…THERE IS NO OTHER ONE…do not walk away, do not take detours…and remember that life will get to an end at some point. And what will you answer when you are asked what you did with it???
Who did you devote yourself to serve?

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