1 abril, 2018

Newsletter 209

January 2018 Welcome to the monthly Yoga Inbound Bulletin, where you will find articles on yoga, asanas, meditation, health, ecology and much more of your interest. […]
1 abril, 2018

Newsletter 207

Reasons to do yoga Many of your friends probably practice yoga and if you are about to encourage yourself to practice it, we will give you […]
19 julio, 2017

Newsletter 204

Love manifests in 3 varieties: Disinterested (Samartha): It is the highest kind in which the “amateur” seeks only the well-being of the “beloved”, regardless of the […]
1 octubre, 2016

Newsletter 201

Basic luggage for the search of our true self” He who is able to separate the senses from the objects of the senses, just as torture […]